PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

Read "Rain Rot Treatment" complete case study - here

"After using the Coats 'n Oats products on our 6 month old grade quarter horse filly her rain rot has been kept under control and we have only found a few scabs here and there. Her rain rot has not flared up since then and the scabs that were on her ears have been removed and have not come back.

We are very happy with this product and will recommend it to anyone we meet because we have seen amazing results in such a short period of time."

Jasmin Harris and Erin Gillis
Sky Valley Farms
Middleton, Nova Scotia
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

I am in love with the Paws 'n Claws Pet Conditioner and the Treatment Spray! I see tons of dogs with skin issues on a regular basis, and it is so nice to be able to recommend an all natural product that I have seen work wonders time and time again. I have seen the Treatment spray heal rashes, dry skin, scratches, hot spots and skin infections, it is an incredible product! I also highly recommend Petonic's Paws 'n Claws Pet Conditioner for long haired dogs as it makes grooming a breeze… burs, dirt, grass and twigs don't stand a chance!

Monique Lamoureux
Owner and Operator of The Ruff Life Professional Dog Training
Vernon, B.C.
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

The conditioner is incredible! I have never had the horses mane and tail feel so smooth and easy to work with. I'll never let the barn run out or go to a show without it. I am not only grateful to PeTonic for creating a product that is completely made of natural products, but also creating one that works beyond anything else on the market. The bar has been raised to what should be a new standard in the equine industry.

Trevor J. Mertes
Owner and Operator of 'Horses That Work'
Oliver, B.C.
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

I recently purchased your Paws 'n Claws Pet Conditioner and am thrilled beyond belief. I have an Irish Setter that goes in the show ring and hikes 3 times a week and her coat is a very important part of the show ring. I spray her before I leave and after our hike. Every burr and stick just slides off her.

Dorothy Mclaughlin
Oliver, B.C.
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

PeTonic has been wonderful and the products are terrific! Here is a list of my favorite features of the products:
  • The dogs come out softer and cleaner with no lasting residue
  • Removes hot spots immediately
  • Helps to relieve other skin conditions that cause itching
  • No allergic reactions on any of the dogs
  • Safe to use on sensitive dogs and cats
  • I get compliments on the condition of the dogs after just one treatment
  • Easier to groom the dogs with no weight to the shampoo (no residue)
Shannon Scott - Dog Groomer
Ruff N' It Doggy Spa
Oyama, BC
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

We are presently sharing our home with two Bernese Mountain Dogs. In a very short time both of their coats are remarkable at repelling dirt. They are both shinier and with considerably less shed considerably less then they did before. For our dogs, Paws 'n Claws Pet Conditioner is excellent for detangling their longer coat sections and leaves a nice "sheen" on the rest. This converts to less grooming and more walks!

Our Groomer was so impressed with the looks and feel of our Bernese that she is using Paws 'n Claws shampoo and conditioner on a daily base in her studio.

Vernon, B.C.
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

We have been using PeTonic Paws 'n Claws Pet Shampoo and Conditioner for about 12 months. Our Westie's coat is normally tangled and after a few sprays with the conditioner, brushing is a breeze It leaves a nice fresh scent and fluffy coat. Stewart is a happy dog after his brushing.

Terry & Donna
Coldstream, B.C.