PeTonics mission is to provide safe, natural skin care with proven effectiveness. Our nano-fine mineral topical solution is formulated to treat and relieve the adverse effects of chronic skin, coat, mane, tail and hoof conditions/irritations. Our natural, non-toxic products improve the quality of life for domestic pets and horses.
PeTonic Pet Supply Inc.

Science of PeTonic All Natural Products
PeTonic takes pride in offering all natural products. Our ingredients are not artificial or imitations, they are produced by nature and combined to provide top quality results for your dogs, cats and horses.

Science of PeTonic Food Grade Safe
Many pet and equine products on the market today have warnings on their labels stating “Keep Out of Reach of Children”, “Inhaling contents may be harmful or fatal”, External Use Only”, This product may be harmful if swallowed” and “This product is toxic to fish”. PeTonic products are all-natural, non-toxic and food grade safe for all ages of animals and people.